Every Gift is a Major Gift
It lets us know we're getting it right

Our support for the community and providing services for the valleys' people is our mission and purpose. We do this without expectation, yet with the hope that as our neighbors can afford to, they will support our work out of their appreciation for what we do and provide. No gift of support is so small as to be unimportant to us and none so large that it overshadows our judgement or our mission. Every donation is a testament to our success and a reminder of our responsibility and the trust that the community places in us.

We invite you to support us as you are able, whether it be through volunteerism, membership, donations or planned giving. To find out how you can partner with us to sustain our work and guarantee its future, please use the Donate or Membership links on this page to make a secure pledge or gift. If you are interested in planned giving opportunities please contact our Executive Director.

Planned Giving

Courageous and insightful people leave a great heritage to our community when they secure, preserve and increase the resources of the Sautee Nacoochee Center. The majority of our support comes from member contributions and dues, and all of it is voluntary. The Center is a non-profit organization set up exclusively to promote the visual and performing arts, environmental stewardship, and community history, We must raise sufficient funds to ensure our ongoing operations and maintain the facilities.

Opportunities for Planned Giving

Bequest by Will - This can be as simple as adding a codicil to your will in the form of a specific amount, a percentage or some portion of your residual estate. A charitable bequest enables you to support the good work of an organization with which you volunteer for long after you are gone.

Life Insurance - You can donate a policy you no longer need, take out a new policy, or name the Center as a beneficiary of an existing policy.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) - You can name the Center as a beneficiary of a tax deferred retirement plan or make required minimum distributions (RMD's) directly to the Center.

Charitable Remainder Trusts and Gift Annuities - Create a trust or annuity that will ultimately benefit of the Center while you retain life long income.

Stock or Other Appreciated Property - You can donate shares of appreciated stock or other property, thereby giving you a charitable deduction, elimination of capital gains and a reduction of estate taxes.

Gifts in Cash to an Endowment Fund - Cash is always welcome. Please remember that you will help the Center more by meeting your annual giving commitments before giving cash to an Endowment Fund.

The Gift

All of the Oportunities for Planned Giving listed in the left column can give you significant income tax and estate planning benefits. We always recommend that you get advice from your accountant or estate attorney.

You may designate gifts to go directly to the Center and let the current Board of Directors determine the best use of the funds or property. You may also designate that the funds or property be used for specific purpose or be added to existing Center endowment funds.

What is an Endowment Fund?

Simply put, it's putting some money away for a rainy day; it's a fund that's invested to grow over time and help keep the Center financially healthy. Generally the Center will only use the interest and dividends from the fund, keeping the principal to produce future earnings. These funds can provide for the long term support of the Center itself or specific program areas. The North Georgia Community Foundation manages these funds and controls access to them in accordance with the donors' wishes.

The SNCA Fund - provides support for all the ongoing operations of SNCA.

The SNCA Folk Pottery Museum Fund - is a designated fund for current income and long-term operations of the SNCA Folk Pottery Museum.

The SNCA History Museum Fund - is a designated fund for the ongoing operations of the SNCA History Museum. It also supplements Museum activities including, but not limited to, exhibitions, programs, and professional development.

The SNCA African American Heritage Site Endowment Fund - is like the other designated funds, providing current income and long-term protection for the SNCA African American Heritage Site.