Sautee Nacoochee, GA

$120,291.15 (122.7%)

Our Goal:


PLEASE consider for a moment how much SNC contributes to the quality of life in this area and imagine what your life and your family's would be without it.

SINCE our founding in 1981, the Sautee Nacoochee Center has enriched our community with outstanding cultural, historical, educational, and artistic opportunities. In 2023 we celebrate our 42 years, a milestone that only 12 percent of non-profits ever reach.

This remarkable achievement is possible only because of you and the rest of our supporters and volunteers who contribute their money, time, and talents to make the Center such a special place.

What does the Annual Fund do?

In 2021-2022 it funded:

  • 5,000 visitors attending WinterFest Arts Tour 2022, a cooperative venture with the Helen Winter Art Festival (Helen Arts & Heritage Center), and the Sautee Nacoochee Arts Festival. The Economic impact of the event returned $383,000 in revenues and taxes to the White County community.
  • 48,300 students, visitors, and families participating in, enjoying, engaging with programs over 12 months in a county with a population of 30,000.
  • For the first time in many years, SNCA has a paid staff person to manage environmental activities. An Environmental Heritage Core Committee formed to support program activities, which include educating the community about land use policy, habitat enrichment through native plantings, and climate change.
  • The mounting of the second of two exhibits highlighting the work of female Folk Potters, "The Men Won't Tell Us Anything." Women of Georgia Folk Pottery (born 1950s to present).
  • A collaborative celebration of Juneteenth with Nacoochee United Methodist Church through gatherings at the African American Heritage Site and the Church's historic slave cemetery, along with demonstrations, educational materials and special exhibits in the Folk Pottery Museum.
  • A summer Youth Theatre Camp for 25 local children, a production by the Sautee Stars of Once on This Island JR to SRO audiences, and a variety of youth classes ranging from yoga to gardening.
  • The operation of the Center following the CDC and OSHA Guidelines for Phase 2 Opening as defined by the State of Georgia. The Center continues to put the safety of families, students, visitors, volunteers, and staff at the forefront of its operation.

2023 Annual Fund Donors


Susan Aderhold - Memory of Tom Aderhold

Cherri & Michael Alexander

Juliet & John Allan

Karin Amano

The Linda Amidon Perry Family

Anonymous Donor

Art of Stone Gardening

Askin/Williams Charitable Fund

Ellen & Richard Auchenpaugh

Alexis Avery


B & C Trailers LLC

Jennifer & Gary Bagley

Rhonda & Johnny Bailey

Betty & Ron Barton - Honor of Jan & Jim Thomas

Tracey & Jack Barton - Memory of Richard Tinius

Pauline & Skip Bassler

Deborah & Bob Beard

Cathy & Kevin Bente

Peggy Berry

Betty's Country Store

Nan Bowen - Memory of Robert Owens

Pat Box - Memory of Debbie Bowman

Patricia & William Brake

Carolyn & James Bralley

Janice Bridges

Rona & Troy Broom

Jane Brown

Janette & Kan Brown

Robin & Dennis Brown

The Sherrie & Craig Bryant Family

Sherry Bryant & Jim Oxford

Sharon Bucek - Memory of Jay Bucek, Potter / Mark of the Potter

Nance Burrell


Jenna Campbell

Alice & Ralph Carey

Terrie & Jake Carlton - Honor of Barbara Johns

Gene Caso

Beth & Richard "Skeet" Cathey

Maria Childers - Memory of Anneliese & Elmer Childers

David Cleghorn

Dennis Clines

Clyde's Table & Tavern

Elizabeth Crittenden

Jim Crysel

Caroline J. Curran - Memory of Richard Tinius


Jeanie & Walter Daves

Candy & John Davis

Terri & Andy DeRaddo

Annette & Mike Dixon

Sally Dobbins & Rick Heggood

Kimberly Dobek

Lynda & Ted Doll

Nancy & Bob Duggan

Duplicating Products, Inc.


Linda & John Erbele

Joyce & Jack Etheridge

Clarissa & Patrick Evans


Sharon Fisher

Eugenia & David Foster

Nancy Frankhouser - Memory of Richard Tinius

Pat & Mike Freeman


Allen Gee

Mary & Chris Geidel

Georgia Mountain Rentals

Ann Gillespie

Cynthia Gilmore

Janie & Patrick Glisson - 1/3/2023 - entered

The Lucinda & Mike Grace Family

Jill Grey

Jane & Jerry Grillo

Carolyn Grimes


Lillian & Mike Hall

Berma Hamilton

Dr. & Mrs. John B. Hardman

Mrs. Mary Hardman & Mr. Sam Hardman

Sandra Harmon

Linda Harris & Jim Smoot

Beth & Charles Hawkins

Kaye Herrin

Carol M. Holzhalb

William House - Honor of John Luhn

Linda & Billy Hubbard

Jaime Huffman & Michael Peart

Lark Hutto


Ingrid & Craig Inglis

Jennie Inglis & Mark Baker - Memory of Richard Tinius


Barbara Johns

Nannette Johnson - Memory of Lynn Schwab

Kristin Jordan

John Justu


Sally Keadle

Connie Lynn Keck

Willen & Jim Keel

Andi & Tom Knecht - Memory of Ruth E. Hill & Erma J. Knecht

Shell & Wyck Knox

Leslie & Keith Kozicki

June & Richard Krise

John Kuschner


Betsy Ledbetter & Ben Dockins

Janice & Steven Levetan

DeeAnna & George Likens

The Karen Lloyd Family

Amanda Lovett

Patty Lowe

The Barbara Luhn & Dudley Sisk Family

Cheri & John Luhn


Sue Mager

Cecilia & Bill Maher

Car Margeson & Sam Williams

The Veronica & Todd Marks Family

Joan Martin

Brad McCanna

Karen & Kevin McGrath

Randy & Tosh McIntosh

Liza & Derrick McSwain

Linda & Russ Mobley

Jackie & Tony Montag

Sheila J. Morrison

Suzanne Myers


Nacoochee School

Andy Negra - Memory of Viola S. Negra

Peggy & Vance Nesbit - Honor of Courtney & Jim Johnston

John C. Nix & Family

Karen & Wayne Norman


Corrie & David Overton


The Tricia Page Family

Frances & Richard Parker

Sherry & Jim Perkins

Linda Pierce & Laurie Lee

Doug Pisik

Susan & John Poulter

Marie Powell & Gordon Fowler

Darlene & Larry Prater

Phylis Preston

Anne Forrest & Robert Prim

Joy W. Pruett - Honor of Barbara Luhn & DeDe Vogt


The Lilith Quinlan & Hoyt Oliver Family


Cindy & Strother Randolph

Margaret & Thomas Rasmussen

Carol & Alan Reddish

Ann Reed-Hill

Elaine Reiss

Doris & Gerald Richardson

Martha Richardson

Debra & Bob Rimel

Rebecca & Laddie Rollins

Marcia & J.T. Rougeou - Memory of Annette Rougeou


Sam Williams Advertising - Memory of George W. Williams

Denise Schwartz

Tracy & Hamilton Schwartz - Memory of Tommy Deadwyler

Gracie & Bob Schwartzman

Marianne & Michael Seitz

Sharon & Frank Shackleford

Mindy & David Shay

Pat & Phil Sheridan

M. A. Sikes

Amy Jo Burge-Skvarka & Ronald J. Skvarka

Steven Solomon

The Pam & Russ Spangler Family

Springer Mountain Farms

The Sarah & Travis Stewart Family

Jan & Mark Stillwell

Melinda Stone

Gae & Ike Stovall

Merry & Allen Stovall

Kat Stratton

Mary Stripling

Carol & Stewart Swanson

Leigh & Chris Swanson

Joanne & James Sweeney


Cynthia & Borden Taylor

Jennie & Ron Taylor

Jan & Jim Thomas

Katya & Guerry Thornton

Jane & Fred Threlkeld

Ann & Henry Tipton




Gena & Bill VanDerKloot

DeDe Vogt

Robert Vogt


Rachel Wansker

Linda Wansley

Harriet Warren

Lillian Wayne-Buck

M.K. Wegmann

Elizabeth Wells - Honor of Linda Harris, Kat Stratton & Johnna Tuttle

Faye & David Westfall

Cindy & Jerry White

Donell Willey

Barbara Williams - Memory of George Walton Williams IV

George Williams

Janie & Perkins Williams

Laura Williams

Sally Williams

Susan Williams

Julianne Wilson - Honor of John Luhn for his service and Mel Whitehead as welcome

Sylvia Wilson

Pandora Wimberly

Bunny & Steve Winter


Elizabeth Young